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[IP] Pumping is HOT!!!

Welcome John!

> My doctor and my RN dibetic educator feel the pump would 
> work well for me, but I need some reassurances. 

yes yes yes...I can't imagine a more unpredictable life style than theatre, 
unless it would be a fire fighter.  You will LOVE the freedom the pump allows 
you.  No more "oh wait, I can't run in that burning building and save 
lives...my NPH is peaking and I need to have dinner!!!"  Once you have the 
basals worked out, which DOES take some time and patience, you should not 
have to worry about missing meals or lots of stress.  Just make sure you 
ALWAYS have dex tabs with you

A con might be if you are using Humalog, constant exposure to open flames 
might cause it to go bad faster...but if you use Velosulin, that won't be a 

Who is your doctor?  I see Drexler at Mt. Sinai - I like him even if he 
doesnt like Humalog in the pump!  What kind of a pump are you gonna get?

dxed age 10, pumping mnmd 6 1/2 years

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