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[IP] Day one

I had absolutely no training whatsoever before I started on the pump a couple of months ago, apart from reading this list and the Pumping book.
 My startup consisted of the nurse handing me the supplies while talking on her mobile, watching me insert a Sofset and that was it.
And I lived to tell the tale.
One thing to be wary of is that your long-acting insuin may still be
floating around in your body for up to a week, maybe even longer (I
thought it would be a couple of days at most), So you will likely need
a lot less insulin for the first week. Make sure your basal rate is
set lower than you think you will need to start with. I started with
about 0.7 all day and night (which worked fine for the first week), and have now ended up with 0.9 from 12pm
to 12am, 1.3 from 12am to 4am and 1.1 from 4am to 12pm. Quite a big difference.

I'm sure you'll have had a lto mroe training than me, so you'll be
just fine. My biggest problem was sorting out how to fill the
reservoir and prime the set correctly.

Good luck

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