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Re: [IP] Anything Unexpected?

Hi Paul-

Shawnna has been on the pump for two weeks today, the first day was saline 
and Wednesday she went on humulog.  On Wednesday for almost the full 24 hours 
she ran very very low and had to had juice several times, also at night I 
checked her 4-5 times and had to juice her 3 times.  They said probably was 
because she still had some long term in her, but after that have only had a 
few lows since then and that in itself is so unusual for her.  

Also some good news, got a call yesterday that her own pumps the "D" were 
approved for 100% by the insurance company and are on their way (she has been 
on Joslin's loaner).  So we were thrilled and it really only took a couple of 

Have a nice day
Pat Marino
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