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Re: [IP] Fast Take Software

But if you go to Walmart it only costs 65 cents, about the cost of 
one strip.  The best things in life are free, some others only cost 
pennies.  <vbg>

> try to get a Fast Take(for free) and they told me I could buy one and then
> take advantage of rebates and trade in offers.    What have you said to these
> people to make them send you the meter for free?  How did you phrase your
> statement ?  Any help you be grateful.  Thanks

> What I did was to buy the meter . I think it cost $65.95 but using a coupon
> which  was worth $65.00, right there at the pharmacy. The Pharmacist din't look
> too happy but they finally let me do it.  The meter ended up costing $.95 plus
> tax (on the original price, of course, to please Uncle Sam), but that was ok with

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