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Re [IP] Good Service

It is amazing how different each rep's story is from company to company and 
from place to place.  When we were trying to decide which pump to choose, we 
were offered a free up-grade in 2 years from one company and not much else 
from the other.  My daughter didn't much like the looks of one pump (very 
important when you're 14) and so, along with a few other reasons, we went 
with the pump that did not offer the upgrade. (I always wondered if that 
would have been put into writing anyway.)  The company we went with then 
tried to insist that we buy 12 months worth of supplies at one time (like we 
had ANY idea what type of infusion set, etc. Andrea would like using), the 
insurance company backed us up on that one (one good insurance company 
story).  No one ever mentioned 6 months of free supplies to me OR a 6 month 
"test" period.  In fact, the company wouldn't send out the pump until 
they had a credit card number to bill the first $200 that we owed them after 
We did get free training from a CDE, a bunch of books, and lots af gadgets 
for carrying the pump.  Sometimes, I think you just have to ask the rep, but 
if you don't know to ask, they aren't going to mention it.

I would be interested to know what "freebies", perks, etc. companies have 
offered others.  It would be very advantageous for those out there who are 
just starting negotiations.  It's too late for us, but will help others.
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