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[IP] RE: How do you cater for fat?

Could someone please explain to me how to cater for fat? 
Monday am, my bg was 4.1 (73) and breakfast was 2 pieces of toast with 
vegemite, and I had a bolus of 3.5 to cover. At 9am, I was 6.5 (117).
This morning, pre breakfast was 3.1 (55) and breakfast was the same as 
yesterday, except I added cheese. I also had the same bolus. At 9am this 
morning, my bg was 13.4 (241).
Yesterdays lunch was 2 sandwiches with fritz, cheese and lettuce. Pre lunch 
bg was 5.1 (91), had a bolus of 6 units to cover, and was 15.1 (271) at 3pm. 
Today's pre lunch bg was 5.2 (93) had the same lunch, but an extra unit of 
insulin, and at 3pm, my bg was 8.1 (145).
Could the swings be due to the fat content of the cheese and fritz, and if 
so, do you cater by having extra insulin? If so, how do you know how much 
insulin to bolus, based on the fat content of food? 
Thanks for any help,

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