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[IP] Anything Unexpected?

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday I shall be having my final training and 'hooked' up for the
first time. I shall be going straight onto using Humalog. I've been learning
the pump functions with a 'trainer' pump and have mastered basal
programming, bolus' etc. For me that's the easy part.

I have been reading with interest here for about a month now, and I'm seeing
lots of comment about, problems with the infusion sets, painful sets,
gushers etc. etc. the list goes on, which is why I guess I am a little

So now, on Wednesday, is there going to be something 'unexpected' that I
hadn't thought of that I should be prepared for.

I must admit on the one hand I'm looking forward to the simplicity of taking
insulin, whereas on the other, I'm a bit nervous of  a machine infusing
insulin during the night and going lower than I have ever been before.

I would be pleased to learn of the experiences of others on 'Day One'.

Kindest regards,


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