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Re: [IP] Insurance Woes

>  I'm getting very
> weary of insurance hassles.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

This may help cut through the red tape.
Call up the BC (idiots) and get the telephone number and name of 
their medical director for your state. Call his/her office and talk 
to whoever answers. Tell them your story, as well as the fact that 
you are getting tired of the run-around. This is clearly coverd 
medical expense. Mention politely that you have paid for the coverage 
and if it is not forthcoming that you will be writing to the state 
insurnce commissioner and handing the entire matter over to your 
attorney, that you would prefer not to do this but you are being 
given little choice. Appeal to this person to put you in touch with a 
SENIOR appeals person to get it straightened out immediately so that 
both you and they can avoid any unpleasantness.

I expect you will find the person you talk with both sympathetic and 
efficient in getting you in touch with someone that will straighten 
thing out fairly quickly. I'm just relating what I finally did to get 
Lily's pump paid for after a year and a half of B---S--- (that does 
not stand for Blue Shield). It worked for me, should work for you.

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