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[IP] Insurance Woes

I'm having all kinds of problems with the insurance company and the doctor.  
Perhaps someone has some advice.  

I'm a federal employee and have Blue Cross.  In April, I went on vacation and 
did a lot of walking.  My foot became very red, hot and swollen.  I went to 
the doctor and he wanted to put an una boot (special type bandage) and 
walking cast on it.  My leg was so swollen that I weighed an extra 10 lbs.  
Walking was very difficult and painful.  Blue Cross said the doc would have 
to send a letter in for predetermination and BC would decide on it.  A week 
of extreme discomfort passed and nothing from Blue Cross.  I called them up 
and said that one way or the other, I was having the treatment.  They agreed 
to let me have it, with the understanding I would have to pay ($200) if they 
did not cover.  The first letter the doc sent in, he neglected to mention my 
diabetes.  Needless to say, it was not covered.  He sent it in again and 
mentioned my diabetes, and still it is being denied.  The una boot (bandage) 
helped tremendously with the swelling as did the cast.  I can't believe they 
are quibbling over such a thing.  If this had continued to go, I feel sure I 
would have ended up in the hospital with an infected leg.  I wrote a letter 
to complain to Blue Cross, explaining the situation in detail.  They then 
told me they could not do anything until the doctor filed the claim.  I 
called the doctor's office and they are going to file the claim, but now BC 
is telling me that it will be denied since Medical Review has already denied 
this service.  I plan to file an appeal once it is denied; however, I am 
feeling very frustrated.  In addition, since all this, I have been diagnosed 
with Charcot's Foot.  I've ordered a pair of diabetic shoes.  These are 
something I will have to have the rest of my life.  The initial claim for 
them has also been denied.  I'm not sure what the problem is, but I've been 
told by BC that they cover them.  I'm getting very weary of insurance 
hassles.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

Anyone else that is a federal employee, what type of health insurance do you 
have and are you happy with them?  How do they pay regarding pump supplies?  
I'm wondering if I should change insurance companies when I get the 

Thanks in advance.

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