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RE: [IP] Fast Take Software

Paul Whitaker  wrote
> I have a FastTake too, the software from Lifescan is not yet available, I
> understand that it will be released sometime this year. In the meantime,

IT IS AVAILABLE!!!  If you have a version of InTouch you can get an 
upgrade to the version which downloads the FastTake.  If you don't 
have it, you can purchase the software and the adapter for $59.00.  
Or you can download the InTouch demo, they will send you an 
email, you can ask about the FastTake Adapter.  They sent an 
adapter to me for free. And when I called back, asked about the 
software and mentioned I had the Profile and the Fast Take, I 
guess they assumed I had the software, that came FedEx three 
days later.

George Lovelace
email @ redacted
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