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[IP] Sending 2 y/o 507 back to MiniMed


Just wondering if any of you ever got an alarm that was A-49?  I got two of 
them within 12 hours.  With the first one I called MiniMed right away because 
this alarm is not listed in the book.  They told me that I had to push SEL 
and ACT to stop the alarm and then I had to set the clock back 1 minute.  She 
told me if I get another one within a week they wanted the pump back.  
Needless to say I got one within 12 hours.  I again called MiniMed and they 
are sending me a new pump by 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.  They want my pump 
back and I have the choice of either keeping the refurbished 507 they are 
sending me or getting my pump back within 6 to 8 weeks after they go through 
it.  I hope all turns out fine.

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