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[IP] First day at local Parks and Recreation Camp

Just wanted to say that today I sent my son to a local park and rec camp 
where he played a lot out in the hot sun of south Florida...managed his pump 
beautifully by himself and had a grand time.  (The camp in Florida (FCCYD) 
for kids with diabetes said that he'd have to know how to change his own set 
himself before coming to the camp and be completely responsible for the pump 
himself.  Of course I feel he should be able to learn, there, how to insert 
his infusion set just like other kids learn to give themselves injections.  
So I opted out of sending him there.)  Local summer camp is great - he feels 
just like one of the kids, because he is....  I wish there was a pump savvy 
diabetes camp nearby, but maybe in 10 years LOL.  

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