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[IP] New insurance problems

I need advice from someone here...

I am having to find a health insurance company to keep me on the pump.
I was included previously on my father's health insurance, but I've come
to find out that
it is no longer available to me.  I am 19 years old, a part time student
/ part time employee.  I don't work enough hours, nor am I eligible for
coverage under my company's HMO.  The school offers no health plan
Am I faced with denial of coverage unless I stop school and get a full
time job?  The COBRA's will run out, and all the insurers I've called so
far have designated me a "HIGH RISK" case.  I take better care of myself
than most of those already insured, but
can't shake the diabetes stigma.  It spooks those insurance reps
something terrible.  :(

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