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Re: [IP] RE: Behind the times

last week I had to go to ER because I had an infected toe and needed
antibiotics. The ER doc I had was a young resident/intern? and when he saw
I had an insulin pump he becam very fearful. He told me I was playing with
fire..that insulin is scarey etc. etc. and that he would never have a pump.
Sooo, I called the head ER Doc who is great and she is going to hold
classes for the EMTs, ER and the hospital staff. It seems I am a rarity
here..but that is ok because I am educating. I told this young doctor that
he really needs to learn more about the pump and it is not any harder to
operate (course I am a feamle and he seemed to have one of those attitudes
against feamles) that a video game and that he has to get use to these
pumps because many children along with adults are on them. He said if I
ever had to be a patient he would require the pump be removed..I think NOT!
SOmetimes it seems like we live in advanced times but things like this
makes it seem like we have made NO headway. Are they not teaching about
insulin pumps in medical schools?

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