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[IP] RE: Behind the times

It is very discouraging when Doctors associated with diabetes camps "put 
down" the pump.  I think the main concern is that "the kids are in control of 
the insulin".  That's a very scary responsibility issue when you think about 

The camp for kids with diabetes that Andrea attends in the Cleveland area 
(Camp Ho Mita Koda) is doing special pump training this year for medical 
staff and counselors.  In fact, I've been told that most of the medical staff 
meetings for the past year centered around the use of pumps and how the camp 
will accommodate them.  They are expecting 5-10 pumpers in the 2 week teen 
session and some in the other sessions.  (We're on the eastern edge of the 
Midwest and have found the Drs. here  Very supportive of teens on pumps -- 
not sure how they feel for younger kids.)   We still have to suppply our own 
pump supplies -- but I'm working on contacting Minimed and Diesatronic for 
next year.

Andrea also complains about always running "high" at camp -- no one believes 
you when you say your child is VERY active and doesn't really need the 
insulin cut back.  Last year we simply insisted and won (mostly because her 
pediatric endo was the one setting the insulin regemin for camp).  She's 
looking forward to making sure the highs are under control this year with her 
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