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[IP] Re: manual manipulation of frozen shoulder

I have had frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis) several times over the past 
ten or twenty years.  I now feel the symptoms coming on and start 
manipulating and using the shoulder a lot so it doesn't become "frozen."  
Today I have full range of motion in my shoulder.  Once I had physical 
therapy for three months which helped to get motion back in a shoulder that I 
had allowed to freeze almost completely by not using it at all due to the 
pain.  You can reverse this completely this time with PT, I am sure, and will 
be able to prevent it from freezing up this way by using it in spite of the 
pain in the future.  I hope it never happens again but I've read on this list 
that it is more common to diabetics and, I believe, more common to those who 
have already had it once.  I've had Type I for 27 years but only had frozen 
shoulder two or three times.  I feel like I now know what to do to prevent 
the shoulder from freezing once it starts to bother me  Good Luck!
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