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[IP] Less myopia after period on pump?

I have recently had a great improvement in my nearly lifelong severe myopia 
which has coincided with the time I have been on the pump  (I started on the 
pump in Oct 1998 and began noticing vision changes maybe a couple months 
after that). I began needing glasses about a year after becoming diabetic in 
1955.  My optometrist is insistent that the change would not be because of 
age (I am almost 53 -- he claims the improvement in nearsightedness that 
sometimes comes with age would not be showing up yet).  He thinks diabetes 
must be the cause.  My vision does still fluctuate somewhat with blood sugar 
and time of day, but the recent overall change is larger than that 
fluctuation and at all times I am less nearsighted.  The doctor does see 
cataracts in both eyes, but when corrected properly my vision is clear.  I 
have been having very good A1c's on the pump (4.9 and 5.2), but they had been 
slightly under 6 on MDI for awhile also.

I am seeing my endo tomorrow and my retinal specialist in mid-July (I have 
had pan-retinal laser treatments in 1 eye about 18 years ago, and one bleed 
about 6 years ago -- the retinopathy has been stable since then)

Have any of you run into anything like this?

Linda Zottoli
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