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Re [IP] Good Service

I think the service you get depends on the person you happen to be
talking to at that moment :-)

When we first were looking into getting a pump for Erica, I called both

Here  is what Disetronic said:  6 months of supplies free, purchase of
pump required, and we would have to PAY for a trainer to fly to our area
to get us started.

Here is what Minimed said:  6 months free trial period, no strings
attached.  I asked  for and received 6 months of supplies free, and they
sent someone FREE to train the hospital CDE.

Of course that clinched the decision for us as to who we were going to
go with, Minimed.  Since then, I have had occasion to be in contact with
the local Disetronic distributor inquiring about samples of the Rapid .
I told them that I was using a Minimed pump, but was interested in some
of their products.  I also told them the reason why I chose Minimed over
Disetronic (the person I was talking to left shortly after I was talking
to them), and they were embarrassed and apologetic about how things were
handled in our case.

We are very happy with our Minimed, but know also that Disetronic is a
great product.  I used this as a learning experience, and dig further
now if I am not satisfied with the information I am getting.

Barb...Erica's mom :-)

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