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Re: [IP] Why are prescriptions needed for Humalog?


I can think of a couple of reasons for this.

1) Humalog is a relatively new form of insulin --
introduced to the market in mid 1996.

2) Humalog acts so much more rapid than any other insulin
that it could be dangerous if used by someone who isn't
informed on how to treat hypos.

Congratulations to Andrea!  Hope she has a great time on
the bike trip.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> After following the discussion about which states allow
> you to buy 
> syringes/insulin OTC -- my main question is ---- Why is a
> prescription needed 
> for Humalog??  (FYI -- no problem with buying syringes in
> Ohio -- Had to do 
> it 3 months ago)
> PS Andrea has been on the pump for 3 weeks now and doing
> great -- she is off 
> on a 7 day bike trip with 14 other teens with diabetes. 
> And is VERY cool 
> showing off her pump!  


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