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[IP] One Touch II vs. Profile

My One Touch II is 7 years old.  Does anyone have have "life expectancy" 
input?  I understand that the Profile is the replacement meter.  How does it 
compare with the One Touch 11?  How about the comparison with lab tests?  I 
also have a Fast Take for carrying around in my purse.  When I was in the 
hospital at the end of May getting hooked up to my new MiniMed 507C, I 
compared lab results with both meters on 3 different occasions and the Fast 
Take was a bit higher and the One Touch quite a bit lower especially on 1 out 
of the 3 times, eg. One Touch II - 8. 5, Fast Take - 13.5,  Lab - 12.5.  This 
has prompted me to lose some confidence in my One Touch. 

Also, I seem to have some consistency to a drop in sugar to the 3.3 MMOL 
(U.S. 60)
range at the 3 hr. mark after breakfast and lunch.  I take Humalog and start 
with good premeal numbers and 90 mins. after numbers then "drop" (no 
exercise) eg. 5.7 premeal, 6.0 after, 3.3 after 3 hrs.  Any ideas at what I 
should be adjusting,  basal, bolus or both?  or accepting this is the way it 
is and ready to take 10 CHO of O.J. every 3rd or so day?  Thanks, Carol Guest
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