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Re: [IP] Silhouette...which way to insert (update) & ice cream

Barb, having eaten lots of those "diabetic" no sugar sweets over the years,
just a word of caution is warranted.  You really should check the package
label for the CHO content on that new ice cream.  I bet it still has 3/4 of
the CHO that normal ice cream has.  Just not adding any sucrose does not
get rid of the CHO.   They likely add sorbitol or some other CHO that Erica
will still have to bolus for.   It may take longer for those additions to
be absorbed, so the timing might also be very different from straight
sucrose, which hits the blood in under an hour normally.   One of the great
th ings about the pump is that we really don't have to worrry any more
about "special" diabetic foods.  We just have to know what's in what we
eat!   But at least it made her a happy camper *S*

<<<<<<And now, a nice note.  We camp seasonally at a campground 35 mins from
our home.  When we arrived there this weekend, the new owners were so
proud to show us their latest acquisition....no sugar added ice cream.
We are calling it the 'Chafe Special'.  When they found out Erica was a
diabetic, they ordered it in for her and she feels like a queen.  We
were able to give her regular ice cream since going on the pump, and had
the bolus worked out for it, but she usually had a smaller size cone.
Now with the no sugar added, she has one as BIG as the other kid's and
we have had to drop the bolus for it.  She is proudly dripping all over
her clothes like all the rest of the kids who have a regular sized ice
cream.  The managment waited until Erica showed up at the store this
weekend before putting it out into the freezer, and although they said
other people can buy it,  they are gearing it towards diabetics.  They
are swallowing the cost of it (very expensive) and not increasing the
cost of a cone.  I just thought I would share a nice story about the
general population.  We need to hear them now and then...wouldn't  you
say <grin>
It sure made Erica's day.
Barb....Erica's mom>>>>>>>

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