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Re: [IP] Silhouette...which way to insert (update) & ice cream

On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Duck And Barb wrote:
> Just took a site out tonight (3 full days) that was put in 'backwards'
> for want of a better word.  We went towards her side on her  upper
> backside.  Anyway, it worked like a charm and we were able to use an
> area of her body that we stayed away from because of the likelihood that
> the Silhouette would be bumped.  There was some minor crimping in it
> which obviously didn't impede the flow of insulin, but it will be

Crimping in the backside, if any, is more likely due to being too close to 
the big muscles back there, they move a lot when you walk/run, etc... 
Moving the set up a tiny bit higher or angling it up somewhat will keep 
it away from the muscle mass and the movement of the underlying tissue. 
Lily puts one of hers (can't remember left or right) in backwards every 
time because she uses the same hand for both insertions. Not to worry!!!

> interesting to see if the next 'backwards' one comes out straight.  We
> don't see crimping in the 'by the book' insertions, as a rule.
> the bolus worked out for it, but she usually had a smaller size cone.
Don't worry about it. Ice Cream is one of the 'easy' foods that behaves 
very well and for which the bolus usually matches the digestion easily. 
It is similar to milk. So..... let her have a big double scoop if ice 
cream if she wants. "I know someone who eats double scoop hot fudge sundaes"
Never guess who.... heh... heh...

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