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Re: [IP] Behind the times...

On Sun, 20 Jun 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi everyone. Just got back from the annual 9 hour round trip taking Amy to 
> Diabetes Camp. And once again, she is the only pumping camper there. Dr. 
> just pumping for 10 days when she went to camp last year! She says she isn't 
> going to let them run her high all week. We will see! She is also going to be 
> 12 and 13 year old girls, with a special segment on Amy and her pump. We 

When Lily was 12, 2nd year of diabetes camp, that was the last time she 
went. They had no other kid pumpers. 2 staff people the second year had 
pumps, no one the year before. She said she didn't want to go back because 
she did not want to have to deal with the "regimen" imposed on everyone 
there. She has gone to Mt. Camp every year since then for 2 weeks. They 
have been very nice there, accomodating her needs as required. If anyone 
is interested, it's in the Sierra foothills on Ice House Lake.

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