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[IP] Behind the times...

Hi everyone. Just got back from the annual 9 hour round trip taking Amy to 
Diabetes Camp. And once again, she is the only pumping camper there. Dr. 
Hertko (the founder of Camp Hertko Hollow) stated to Amy that not many Drs. 
put kids on the pump (hint hint I think). She looked at me and I replied, 
"Well, at least not in this area of the Midwest." That pretty much quieted 
him down. Amy claims he is a great guy -- very friendly and so interested in 
the kids. Just not much of a supporter of pumps in kids I guess. Oh well. Amy 
feels much, much more confident this time around than she did last year -- 
just pumping for 10 days when she went to camp last year! She says she isn't 
going to let them run her high all week. We will see! She is also going to be 
one of the features of a thesis film being done at camp this week by a former 
camper, now in college. The focus is on how diabetes affects the lives of 12 
and 13 year old girls, with a special segment on Amy and her pump. We will 
get a free copy and an invite to the showing at the college up in Chicago. 
Amy is at times camera shy, so not sure how "fun" this will be for her! But 
great exposure about the pump -- if it's good, I'll ask for a release so I 
can give copies to the media -- local attention may kick these Midwest Drs. 
into some positive action!

Proud mom of Amy - pumping 1 year!
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