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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #222

From: "Carole " <email @ redacted>
> This week I also was told for the first time that I my urine protein is
> high and Tomorrow AM will start taking Vasotec, an ACE
> inhibitor to protect kidney function.  I am terrified and need
> some positive words of advice.  Thanks.

I started taking an Ace Inhibitor about eight years ago (about 14 years
after dx'd), called Captropril. Every year my "kidney" tests have come back
great. As a matter of fact, last year my dose was cut in half by my endo due
to side effects (light headedness) and this year's test was still great. We
do what we have to do.

That said...any time I have to have "extra" tests, I'm scared to death that
I'll find out I have one of the many diabetic complications and nothing will
be able to be done or I'll be on lots of meds and my quality of life will be
lowered, etc. I thank God that thus far all those complications have been at
a minimum and with only minimal and temporary "quality of life" changes. The
key for me anyway seems to be early detection.

I hope you do as well as I do on the Ace Inhibitors. Good luck.

dxd 7/77
pumping since 12/98

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