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Re: [IP] re: ace inhibitors and dehydration

`Dear Delaine,
Thanks for the information.  Yes it is a lot of medical terminology that's 
why I printed it to digest later.  I have had diabetes so long that I am 
starting to wonder if I will grow old with the disease or if the disease will 
cause me to grow old.  I just turned 40 last week and six months ago got my 
first bifocals.  My doc there said that the elasticity in my eyes is going 
approximately 10 years sooner than the non diabetic population.

Right now I am a bit overwhelmed by all that is going on around me. 
1.	I am getting an upgraded pump.  (new things to learn)
2.	I have just changed from Velosulin to Humalog insulin
3.	Four months ago I began seeing an RD to learn the "Carb counting" 
rather than 	the exchange system. (They really are trying to teach an old 
dog new tricks -- Woof Woof) 
4.	And now this. 

I know at times that I overanalyze stuff, but as you said for me to "embrace 
it" I somehow have to come to terms with it and make it my own.  I can't help 
but wonder if this is the beginning of the end or a wonderful opportunity to 
get my act really together and come out healthier.  

I hope that my doctor is just very precautionary and that at this point I can 
halt the damage to my kidneys or maybe even reverse it.

Oh by the way, this TYPE A personality also is trying to look at how hectic 
my life is and make some changes (that I can live with) to reduce my stress.

Please write back.

Carole from St. Louis area of Illinois
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