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[IP] Thanks for the advice, but.........

Everyone is so quick to attribute my bg swings to a Humalog
sensitivity/allergy/whatever but..................... my problem is with
these 'TUMORS' under my skin, they seriously inhibit insulin absorption.
They are in the process of diagnosis, one says Neurofibromatosis, one says
maybe Multiple Lipomatosis, whatever they are they are the problem. The
insulin, which is injected sub-Q hits a barrier, I eat, bg goes up, up, up,
then the insulin squeaks through and hits me in the back of the head and
BAM, hypo. Which is why the suggestion of a shunt. The procedure is
something like this: They tie an artery vein, with a regular vein and then
there is an open highway for the insulin to travel. It's either an external
shunt that can be disconnected or a permanent internal shunt, with which the
dangers of infection are sky high.....I am torn as to what to do. My choices
are getting pretty limited, though.
Thanks to everybody for your suggestions, KEEP "EM COMING!!!!!


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