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Re: [IP] How soon to change rapid?

>With tagaderm on top of the rapid, it survived the first day.  Now my
>question is do I need to change the site in 2 days instead of the 3 or 4
>days I go between changes for tenders?  I am so used to a site on my
>abdomen that it kind of feels weird to not have a site there (current
>site on backside).

Some folks have reported more rapid site deterioration with the Rapid set
(sorry about the pun), but Steph has never had a problem. We almost always
get a minimum of 3 days, and have gone as long as 7 days once or twice....we
just watch for absorption issues and redness/swelling/tenderness to let us
know when to change.

Betsy, Mom of Stephanie, a 10 yo pumper

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