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Re: [IP] low bat

> My daughter already had to change a battery in her pump after one
> week, unfortunately the loaner pump she was given had new batteries
> to put in it but even so the expiration date was June 99 so already
> had to make a change.  
Battery life seems to be most influenced by the manner in which they 
are handled in distribution. They normally last at least a couple of 
months unless they have been abused in the distribution chain. My 
best luck has been with batteries purchased directly from the pump 
company, although I've purchased them at the local drug store, 
usually without problem. I've only had problems ( 1-2 week life) with 
the EverReady cells. The Duracell batteries have always worked for 
the 2 month period. YMMV on this one, careful inspection of the ones 
that failed revealed minute corrosion particles in the "SEALED" 
plastic battery package, indicating improper storage and handling 
during distribution. This could happen to any battery.
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