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Re: [Re: [IP]down and depressed]

In a message dated 6/18/99 6:23:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well I surely hope things get better and he does not become discouraged. 
 people here have had some problems at first and after trial and error, have
 found a solution. Best of luck to your son, and you too! Denise... >>

  Thanks for the encouragement. Next week they are going to try the 
silhouttes again only not at 30* but at 15 degrees and the bent needle looks 
scary to me too-but they found out a lot of body builders use them because of 
muscle mass so he is willing to try that too. Thank Goodness-I dont want him 
to give up. ALso MM is coming out with short needle in August they found out 
so they are trying to get some from reps because they do get them early. He 
has some great CDE's. They are wonderful. I'll
keep you all posted as he was discouraged (which also showed me he did want 

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