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[IP] Re: ACE inhibitors

I can't remember who it was posting about the Ace inhibitors (since I
get the digest) but I can sympathise with your feelings.

I have had protein in the urine for about a year and in january they
started me on Lisinopril (an ACE inhibitor). It's very scary to have
to start thinking about kidney failure but it doens't mean it'll ever
get to that point. the best thing you can do is take the ACE inhibitor
and keep your BGs as close to normal as possible. 

I haven't had my kidney function checked since January so don't know how
they are doing, but I try not to worry about it. My BP is low to normal.

Thanks, Renee, for the tip about drinking water. I didn't know that
but in the first few weeks of taking Lisinopril I felt constantly as
if I was about to pass out. I never drink much althuogh I knwo I
should. I guess that's why.


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