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[IP] RE: Thankyou

Thankyou to everyone who replied my question on the infusion types.  I
have now sourced another company here in New Zealand, who will sell to
me the Tenders, which are alot cheaper than the Silhouettes.   I
appreciate everyone taking the time to answer my email, and I am sure it
has been answered several other times, but I don't always get around all
the postings - but I do try!!!!

Just one other thing, you can't interchange the reservoirs can you?? 
Someone told me this, but was just wondering if I was able to purchase
these cheaper too, since Minimed supplies here in NZ are very expensive.

Thankyou all again.   Just glad that there are 'pumpers online who have
ALL the knowledge', can never reply on getting this valuable information
anywhere else!! Thankyou.
Lynette ( in New Zealand - winter time here too!!)
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