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Re: [IP] trouble with my BGs

Brian, I haven't a clue what causes this, but I have had the same problem.  
Just 2 weeks ago I had low bgs for about a week.  I ended up reducing my 
basal rate from 15.6 to 13.8 and not bolusing as much as usual too.  I was 
beginning to think I was cured because I was eating so many Dextabs(I like 
the lemon ones now).  Then one week later, I was back up again.  Creepy isn't 
it?  Anyway, I just go with the flow because when I try to actually figure it 
out, I never do and I just get frustrated in the process.  I know this 
doesn't help, but at least you know that there are others with the same 
problem.  ellen
p.s.  this was very different from my menstruation drop in bg because it went 
so much lower than that one does.
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