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[IP] Can anybody help?

I have been having trouble lately, it seems that the 'honeymoon' period is
definitely over for me and my pump. I recently passed the one year mark with
it, and I have been going downhill since. I am getting back to ridiculous
swings with my bg's, that I was sure the pump and absence of long acting
insulin would eliminate, but.......it's back.

Two weeks ago my endo suggested a insulin absorption test which I did and it
showed the humalog works after app. 2.5 hours in me, which isn't all that
bad. I could handle that but it's the swings I can't take. Most days this
week I have woken up at around 2.2 (39), which totally destroys my day, one
morning I was 1.6 (28). I was under the impression that there wasn't any
peak time with a pump, but, my endo suggests from my numbers it's an
absorption problem. I went from 2.2-15.7-2.7-14.3 all within an afternoon.

I also have a major problem with subcutaneous 'tumors', that grow all over
my body, my thighs, back, butt, arms, etc. etc. I had one biopsied last week
and will get the diagnosis Wed. These lumps limit my choices as to where I
can place my pump. I brought the idea of a permanent shunt. He said yes,
that right now he has one patient with one, because of the same problem with
'nodules' under her skin. Her absorption was extremely impaired. I am still
in the deciding mode.............He said all options would be discussed with
a surgeon. There are two kinds of shunts. Arterial/Venous and another kind.
I am assuming my pump would be left to maintain a basal rate and the shunt
would be used for boluses. Or........no more pump!!! I don't know what to
do..I am really p**** off at the whole world right about
now................Has anybody ever has any experience with anything
similar. I don't want to give up my pumpy..........Boo Hoo.........I'm so

Wendy Anderson

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