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[IP] call me crazy but...

Why all the fuss wondering which states do and which don't require 
prescriptions for insulin or syringes...which ones are complying iwth which 
outdated federal regulation BLAH BLAH BLAH?

Take 3 minutes, call you doctor, ask for a prescription for both, when you 
get them, fold them up and stick them in your wallet behind your Diabetes ID 
card and BE DONE with it!!!  Then you can travel to any state or any country 
you want and you don't have to worry about whether you are going to be able 
to get your supplies!  

Your crying and whining and ranting and demanding to some pharmacist in 
Podunk, USA or even Metropolis who is ignorant of federal laws is not gonna 
get you any syringes...might get you hauled off to the local jail to "sleep 
it off" but that little folded up piece of paper might solve the problem! !  
Educate the rest of the world about which laws apply to you later - just get 
your supplies and take care of yourself FIRST!!!

I guess if you really do not want to carry around prescriptions, you do have 
another alternative...When you run out of syringes and the local pharmacist 
won't sell you some, you ask him, "how am I supposed to take my insulin?  
Inhale it?"  and then ask him for some of that new inhaler insulin they were 
talking about!  ...  heh heh heh

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