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Re: [Re: [IP]down and depressed]

email @ redacted wrote:
Well today they started my son on saline but he had trouble with the softset 
and then they tried the siluhette-do you all have any secrets to help him. 
The soft set had to come out as he was in major pain and the siluhette lasted 
all of 2 hrs-you could tell he was in pain-he gets very very quiet. Please 
tell me some secrets-he's kind of upset as he was looking forward to the 

        I am so sorry to hear that your son is having a hard time getting
started. I had some problems at first with the sofsets, and MM thought it
might be because I am very petite, only 98 lbs. They sent me several samples
of other infusions sets, I never did even try them, I thought they looked even
more scary than the sofsets. Well eventually the problems did pass. I would
also like to add that a lot of times, today included, when I change my set, it
will seem to be slightly painful at first, but after a few hours everything
feels fine.Maybe the site was irritated from the actual inserting process. I
did not start on saline, but I'm wondering if that could cause any irritation?
Well I surely hope things get better and he does not become discouraged. Many
people here have had some problems at first and after trial and error, have
found a solution. Best of luck to your son, and you too! Denise...

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