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Re: [IP]down and depressed

> Hi Penny
> I use a pump for 2 years now and I get a lot of infections. I seem
> to be the only one who does but I know they are really painful.

It is possible that you are a benign carrier of staph or some other 
bacteria. This usually occurs in your nasal passages and does not 
harm you (except for thing like the site infections). Your doc can 
check this if you want although it will not change what you must do.

Some simple additional precautions during set change will probably 
fix the problem. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and dry on 
a CLEAN towel. Do not touch your face before or during set change. 
This may sound simple, but in fact is very hard form most people. We 
unconsciously touch our faces quite often.

Prep the infusion site with a Providine wipe. This is a little 
towelette like an alcohol pad that contains iodine. When it dries, 
wipe the excess off with an alcohol wipe and let that dry. Do the 
rest of the set change as you normally would. Chances are that this 
will solve the problem.

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