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Re: [IP] RE: Infusion sets?

> Hello everyone
> Is there any real difference between using the Tender Infusion sets(
> normally for the Disetronic Pumps) on a Minimed Pump???  I have just
> found out the cost of the Tender compared to the Silhouette is a lot
> cheaper.  I don't want to outlay the money for the Tender Infusion
> sets, if they're not correct.  Anyone using Tenders on a Minimed
> Pump??? Thanks Lynette ( from NZ)

Several part answer:

Sets from either pump can be used on the other. The fittings are 
identical, making all sets interchangeable.

The Tenders/Comfor Sets/Silohettes are manufactured by the same 
European company and private labeled for the various distributors. 
The ones I know of are Disetronic, Pureline, and MiniMed. These sets 
are IDENTICAL, differing in only the outside package they come in.

The sets come in two package variations which may account for the 
cost differential you see. They come packaged as 10 sets, 10 tubes 
and as 10 sets, 5 tubes, the latter obviously being less costly. My 
daughter uses the latter and changes the tube every other time.
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