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Re: [IP] RE Infusion sets

>   c.. From: Lynette Parker <email @ redacted> 
>   d.. Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 06:44:19 +0900 
> Is there any real difference between using the
> Tender Infusion sets for the Disetronic Pumps) on a Minimed Pump

Hey Lynette!

I have a MiniMed 507c (named Earnest) and I have never used any
infusion set except the Disetronic Tenders. 

It is my understanding that the Disetronic Tenders, MiniMed Silhouettes
and the Comforts are all manufactured by the same company and they are
exactly the same product...only difference is the packaging.

I have been using Earnest the  MiniMed pump with Disetronic Tenders
since 8:30 am on July 20, 1998....and I have never had any problems at
all.  Of course, your reservoirs do have to be MiniMed or Disetronic to
match the pump you are using.  Reservoirs are not interchangeable.

~Janet Marie who loves her MiniMed!!!!
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