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Re: [IP]down and depressed


The device that your nurse gave you is called a
"SofSerter."  It is made by MiniMed specifically for their
"SofSets."  From what I have heard, it works great!


--- Nachtergaele Annelies <email @ redacted> wrote:

> My nurse gave me ( I will try and describe it because I
> don't know the word
> in english) it looks like the thing you use to prick your
> finger to test
> your bloodsugar.
> You insert the soft set in it and then put in on your
> belly and push the
> button and the needle gets in.
> It looked extremely frightning to me and it took me weeks
> to convince
> myself to try it.
> Once I had enough courage I couldn't believe it. It does
> not hurt at all.
> It is much quicker. I always had to convince myself to
> stick the needle in
> my poor body now the only thing I do is Push the button.
> Hope this helps!
> All the best
> Annelies
> Mailto:email @ redacted


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