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[IP] re:(sleeping with pump)

 Have you tried putting the pump in a baby sock then tucking it in a
sports bra (Thanks Janet!!). Even if it sticks out, it doesn't really
matter. I can't wear it normally like that, but if I try hard I can
hide it, but when I'm sleeping it is "comfortable" there, i can even
roll over no problem. If there is good elastic on it too, you have no
worry about it falling out. The baby sock provides cushioning between
you and the pump. 
 I like t o have the pump close to me, so if my site is in my abdomen,
I'll stick it in a sports bra for sleeping...not always convenient, so
i want to try a waist-it one. Or, I just put it in  its leather case
and clip it on to  my shorts. I use the short tubing and it has not
fallen off while sleeping yet.

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