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Re: [IP] sleeping with the pump

When Shawnna is sleeping she just lays the pump in bed with her and believe 
me, she is a roller and a mover when she sleeps and it seems to be fine so 
far.  It has been a little over a week and it seems to be getting a little 
easier.  Luckily she said she can't even feel the tender in her stomach at 
all.  She also started a new full time summer job on Monday so it has been 
quite a week for her.  Very Very proud of her, the only thing is her fingers 
are getting very sore from 8-10 sticks a day for now.  

Thanks for all the encouragement, couldn't have done it without the internet 
and all the support.  Would not have even looked into getting a pump had I 
not had the computer.

Pat Marino
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