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[IP] Sleeping with the pump

It's kind of strange: 18 years ago the group of pumpers (around 15 of us, if I 
recall) started to write a book on pumping (which I would LOVE to find or get a 
copy of).  One of the bigger hangups then (as now, apparently) was how to sleep 
with it. 

Over the years I've tried many things.  One of the most interesting was a 
tee-shirt that my younger sister created a pocket in (I think one of the 
companies eventually reproduced this).  I've slept with it 'hanging out' on the 
bed for years but every so often (usually for a few days after waking up 
catheter-less) will keep in the pocket of a pair of sweatpants (they are usually
thick enough to keep the feeling of accidentally laying on it minimized).

>From my memory, the vast majority of this book is STILL very current and so... 
All of this has convinced me to locate a copy of this book.  Off to a Sunday of 
searching through my ancient untouched pre-married paperwork to find ancient 
pump related material)

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