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Re: [IP] RE: Infusion sets?

Lynette Parker wrote:
> Is there any real difference between using the Tender Infusion sets(
> normally for the Disetronic Pumps) on a Minimed Pump??? 

Absolutely no difference except the labels and the accompanying price....

 I have just
> found out the cost of the Tender compared to the Silhouette is a lot
> cheaper.  I don't want to outlay the money for the Tender Infusion sets,
> if they're not correct.  Anyone using Tenders on a Minimed Pump???

I've never used a Tenders, actually never seen 1, but use Comforts,
which are the other brand name they're sold under, for the last 
4.8 years on my MiniMed 506 and 507c.

They really only have 1 kind of Luer-Lock tapered syringe connector, 
and the rest of it now fits in either pump.They use to have some wings
(ribs) on the side of the connector that confused some people, but
they were still useable in MiniMeds.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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