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Re: [IP]down and depressed

>Well today they started my son on saline but he had trouble with the softset 
>and then they tried the siluhette-do you all have any secrets to help him. 

Remember that you don't have to insert the full length of the silhouette.
If it hits his muscle at full depth, then back it up a bit. Also, the
recommended 30 degree angle is still to steep for some of us.  Most kids
who use the sils insert them at a much shallower angle, just under the skin.

If this still doesn't work for you, the disetronic rapids will work in a MM
pump.  The downside to those is that they don't have a quick release
version *yet*.  Rumors are that they are coming out with one soon.

>The soft set had to come out as he was in major pain and the siluhette lasted 
>all of 2 hrs-you could tell he was in pain-he gets very very quiet. 

Make sure that the problem isn't that he's got his skin pinched together
under the tape.  This was the biggest problem for me when I started
pumping. It can really hurt when you try to move and the skin can't flex.

Hang in there.  I'm thin too, and I swear by the silhouettes.

Mary Jean

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