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Re: [IP] RE:SIlhouettes (Pumpgirl)

Cathy Hickey wrote:
> Hi thanks for the info on my bent plastic thingamy.  Now I'd like to
> know about the silhouettes 1) how do you spell the &*^%$ thing  

You spelled it right, though I always spell it "Comfort" and others
here spell it "Tenders" (3 brands made by the same company).

 2) do
> you leave the metal thing in with the sils and 

NO, that would make insulin flow a little bit non-existant, or at 
least it used to. Originlly the "introducer needles" on Sils were 
solid steel, lately they've been making them hollow, if I remember 

Anyway, in any of the 3 mentioned above, as well as MiniMed QRs, the needle is
removed so that only the soft Teflon canula stays in the skin. This makes
it much less irritating, to say nothing of damaging, as a steel needle 
tends to staying in the skin fro days at a time.

3) is insertion more
> painful or difficult to do?  

Not really, I guess. Can't say exactly since I've never used steel (only) 
pump needles, only Teflon ones. Other than having to pull out the steel
when you put it in and replace less often than steel needle sets there's
not much difference, but it's a WHOLE lot nicer, IMHO.

4) how long is the needle to put it in. 

A bit longer than the Teflon.... <g>
Actually it's about 1 3/8" long, though much of that is ging through
the canula base, not YOU. About 1" exposed for use, possibly slightly less.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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