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[IP] stress hormones story

I have to tell you all what happened to me today--it proves (as most of
us already know) that high-stress situations jack up our blood sugars...

I had a late lunch today (2:30), and afterward had some time to kill
before my lunch break was over, so I bought some coffee and sat at an
outdoor cafe with a book to read.

Some guy sat down at a park bench nearby and  asked me "Whatcha
readin'?" to which I, sensing he didn't care what I was reading and
wanted to bother me for other reasons, replied, "Nothing." Then I
politely added that I was on my lunch break, was having a rough day and
really wanted to read my book. To that he started yelling that all he
wanted to know was what I was reading. I replied that I appreciate that
and didn't mean to be rude but I really wanted to be left alone. That
really set him off. At that point I realized that this guy was a psycho
and even if I did tell him what I was reading, he'd figure out some
other reason to scream.

So I closed my book, got my coffee and said "Whatever." As I was going
back into the restaurant to get away from this guy, he was still
screaming about all he wanted was to know what I was reading, adding
"YOU G-D--- F----- C---!!" Funny, before he finished the namecalling I
was wondering which derogatory name for the female anatomy he was going
to use. So after he called me that, I said, "Yes, I am!" and left the
restaurant through the back door. I could really feel the adrenaline
going, and not in a positive way.

When I got back to my office, I found my blood sugar had gone from 85 to
275, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't from the lunch I ate. Yikes.

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