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Re: [IP]down and depressed

Where did they put the soft set?  I found that putting mine on the left side 
of my stomach or the right side about two inches below the rib cage where 
there is more tissue or fat is the best place.  There seems to be more room 
there and you can move around easier with it on your side.

The soft sets usually do not hurt unless they get bent or if you hit a little 
vein. I have done both.  Maybe he was a little nervous. Sometimes the thought 
of stabbing the needle in my stomach makes me feel it whether I can or not.  
I could feel mine the first day, and the saline is not really comfortable, 
but after the second to third day, it got much better.  The silhouette's are 
for the birds!!  Ha!!

If he can hang in there until it gets comfortable, it sure is worth it.  
Pretty soon you don't even know it is there.

How old is your son?
Good luck!!
Macheal in Texas
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