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Re: [IP]down and depressed

On 17 Jun 99, at 21:13, email @ redacted wrote:

> Well today they started my son on saline but he had trouble with the
> softset and then they tried the siluhette-do you all have any secrets to
> help him. The soft set had to come out as he was in major pain and the
> siluhette lasted all of 2 hrs-you could tell he was in pain-he gets very
> very quiet. Please tell me some secrets-he's kind of upset as he was
> looking forward to the freedom.
> Penny

Sorry to hear about the trouble.. did they use any sort of prep or 
deadening stuff (elma cream)? also how did they try and insert it?  
did the pinch the skin up, hold it flat and tight? also did they go in 
fast or slow? I am not to sure of the types of sets those are is it a 
teflon needle or steel? and one more (all these questions ha ha) did 
it hurt once it was inserted or after it was in?  Sometimes when 
mine starts to hurt when i insert it i just place my finger behind the 
insertion point and hold the skin tight sometimes that helps.

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