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Re: [IP] Test Strips- Any Bargains

>To Dianne, who wrote:
>Since I've become disabled, lost my insurance and am not considered 
>eligible for Medicaid or Medicare (I make too much money on my $900. 
>disability check!- about $500 now goes for diabetes related drugs and 
>supplies and I'm in desperate need of finding any way to get $$ off on test 
>strips - or better yet, getting some gratis, if possible.  Any ideas on 
>what I might do?
>(PS  I called Lifescan and they graciously sent me 50 strips - which will 
>last me about 5 days!)
>Dianne email @ redacted
>       I am not a medicaid/medicare specialist, but I am a social worker, 
>and if there's one thing I know, it's when benefits of any kind are denied, 
>APPEAL, APPEAL, APPEAL!!!!!   The more times you appeal in the ssi/ssdi 
>system, the more likely you are to be approved.  I know this isn't a 
>solution for the short term, but it could pay off in the long run, 
>especially if your disability is permanent.  Also, the social security 
>administration has a web site (sorry, I do not have the address off hand, 
>but you can easily find it using any search engine), which may have some 
>good info, once you wade through it all.
     You may want to check out local resouces for health care -- some 
agencies in my area will help out with medical supplies for people who are 
uninsured.  Your church may also help short term.  Community hospitals may 
also have programs that can help.   You might also look into agencies that 
can help in other areas (rent, tuition, ect.)  that can free up monies to 
use for strips.
   Hope some of this helps -- hang in there!
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